Standard 30-Day Warranty

We offer a standard 30-day warranty on some parts, as well as several 60-day warranty options on other parts. This warranty is free of charge and is included on all parts sales.*

Standard 90-Day Warranty

Our standard 90-day warranty is included on many of our auto parts. Check the part description to find out which warranty your auto part product is covered under.*

We are focused on providing the highest quality recycled auto parts every time you order. We stand behind
our warranties, and our goal is your complete satisfaction. If there is anything we can do to help you, please
contact your salesperson at the numbers below. Thank you for your business!

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Heat Tab Warning

Important Heat Tab Information. Heat Tabs are installed on engines to detect abnormally high engine coolant temperature. The Heat Tabs are placed on the cylinder head(s) and on the engine block in an area that is in direct contact with the engine coolant. They can be found mounted on the casting surface or inside of a freeze plug. If the engines operating temperature reaches or exceeds 250° F the center of the Heat Tab will melt and flow out. This is a positive and certified method of determining whether the engine has reached a temperature beyond the normal operating range, thus voiding the warranty. The warranty is also void if the heat tab shows any signs of being tampered with or is removed from the engine. FAILURE OF AN ENGINE FROM THE EFFECTS OF OVERHEATING IS NOT COVERED UNDER THE LIMITED WARRANTY. IF THE HEAT TAB HAS MELTED, THE WARRANTY IS VOID

BODY PARTS & GLASS COMPONENTS: All body parts and glass components are sold FINAL SALE AS-IS. No returns, refunds, or exchanges UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. It is the sole responsibility of buyer to ascertain, confirm, research, inspect and/or investigate any body part and glass component for sale prior to purchasing. These parts include but are not limited to: Doors, Fenders, Bumpers, Bumper Reinforcements, Quarter Panels, Mirrors, Windows, etc.

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